Sunday, March 14, 2010

Green Brownies

Steve Johnson deserved celebrating as he marked his birthday and his departure for Costa Rica. We in the Green Commission are hardly ones to miss a photo-op, or a chance to thank our fearless leader, or to devour a good birthday cake! We're sure the cocoa was sustainably harvested.
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Steve Johnson GreenShelf at Clemson City Hall

Our GreenShelf, in the conference room, currently holds some essential reading for the environmentally literate! All are invited to participate. We yearn for a much larger selection, but we're proud of our good start! Come check something out (4 week limit, but keep the materials moving as much as you can) by signing and dating the card in the front of the book, and putting it into the envelope on the wall.

Book donations can be left on the same shelf, marked with the donor's name, and Ellen will check them in with cards and envelopes at the monthly meeting, and add them to this list.

Keep her busy!

Steve Johnson GreenShelf
Plan B 4.0 Brown January, 2010
Our Choice Al Gore January, 2010
Ishmael Quinn January, 2010
Travels of a TShirt Kochansky January, 2010
Ecology of Commerce Paul Hawken Kochansky January, 2010
You can Prevent Global Warming January, 2010
Global Warming Survival Handbook January, 2010
The New Ecological Home Kochansky January, 2010
Growing A Business Paul Hawken Kochansky January, 2010
Greening Your Office January, 2010
Mid-Course Correction Ray Anderson Kochansky January, 2010
Pay-As-You-Throw Tool Kit Kochansky January, 2010
The Green Collar Economy Jones January, 2010
The Transition Handbook Kochansky January, 2010
The Transition Handbook January, 2010
The Transition Handbook January, 2010
The Transition Handbook January, 2010

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Mayor accepts Clear Skies award

Mayor Larry Abernathy of the City of Clemson recently accepted Upstate Forever's Clear Skies award for the City's Climate Action Plan.

The Climate Action Plan was developed by the Green Ribbon Committee, and approved by the City Council of Clemson last year.

The Mayor was in good company!